My son started learning guitar at “Learn Music” when he was 6 years old. Now that he is 11 and still at “Learn Music” you would be safe to say that we are so happy with the professionalism, individual programs that are written for each student’s needs and the friendly staff that we don’t ever want to leave!

I am delighted to have found in the teachers at “Learn Music”, the qualities you would expect from all good teachers: they are always on time, always cheerful, calm, patient and my son receives encouraging words and best of all, has FUN!

As an educator myself, I would recommend “Learn Music as an innovative company where learning from professional musicians comes with individual attention with effective teaching strategies. There are a lot of good guitar players out there but there are not many who can teach as well. “Learn Music” has these teachers!

Patricia Arnold, B.Ed, Dip. Teach.

As parent and student, our association with Learn Music spans many years.

Shayne was my son’s first guitar teacher. This was no easy task to ask of any teacher at the time, as Chris was recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Thanks to Shayne and his incredible patience and persistence, Chris has further developed his love of music.

Shayne’s personality and expertise is reflected in his dedicated staff members, who strive to provide the best possible tuition in a warm, caring and friendly environment.

Chris’s current teacher possesses the same trademark qualities one would expect from Learn Music staff.

We highly recommend Learn Music for the ultimate music learning experience.

Charmaine and Chris Condon.

I originally started at Learn Music as a beginner guitar student. The teachers provided a great personal approach that allowed me to find my own musical voice whilst supplying the foundation and understanding needed to make music. With their assistance, I was able to learn a range of different genres that influenced me and soon began playing live gigs.

In the early stages of playing music it was just a hobby, but I soon developed a greater interest in taking it further by hearing from experiences associated with the Learn Music team.

After coming through as a student, I am now one of the teachers and a professional musician. The journey has been great fun and full of enjoyment. It is pleasing to know that I am now able to provide the same inspiration to my students that were once shown to me.

Daniel Robbins